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Pricing / Container sizes available

At Hill View Self Storage facility, we provide you with a clean, secure and affordable self storage solution for anything from furniture, tools, site equipment — to just about anything so long as it is legal and not hazardous. We have a large stock of steel shipping containers available for hire and they are all watertight and windproof.

Approximate Dimensions :
- 150 square feet (13.93sq.m)
- 1150 cubic feet (32.56cu.m)

Internal Dimensions :
- 19'4" x 7'9" x 7'9"
(5.89m x 2.36m x 2.36m)

Double Door Dimensions :
- 7'8" wide x 7'6" high
(2.33m wide x 2.28m high)

USAGE: up to 4 persons / ideal for businesses
HOME Contents Size: 3 bedroom house

To book a storage room:

1. Phone us or call in to view and discuss about the storage room you need.

2. Call in to book the storage room and sign our easy rental agreement.

3. When signing the rental agreement you will need to show us two forms of ID: Driving license (with photograph) or passport. Recent utility bill (not mobile phone bill).

4. Your first payment will include a security deposit which is fully refundable

at the end of your hire period

5. We will give you your storage room keys and your access swipe card.

6. You have immediate access to your individual storage room.

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